• Stress Reduction

  • Pain Relief

  • Improved Sleep

  • Clearer Skin

  • Boost Energy

  • Positive Moods

  • Reduce Swelling

  • Reduce Inflammation


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Relax and Relieve Your Body

The Optimum Detox™ foot spa is the latest in ionic detox foot bath technology and one of the safest and easiest ways to detox and relax at the same time. Simply sink in your feet and start enjoying the amazing benefits!

  • Feel More Energetic
  • Clear Your Skin Complexion
  • Balance PH Level
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Improve Focus and Mental Clarity
  • Reduce Swelling and Inflammation

naturally detox 

for up to 48 hours

In nature, ions are generated by the movement of water molecules. Think of how good you feel while walking along a beach or near a waterfall.

We are creating the same reaction with the Optimum Detox™ process, only magnified many times over.

The absorption of ions and electrons allows our bodies to naturally detox for up to 48 hours following a 30-minute footbath because our body has more energy to cleanse toxins through the normal channels of excretion.

You will not feel some of the unpleasant effects associated with some other detox methods.

Start your detox journey in 5 easy steps


Add Warm Water


Place the Array


Add 1x Ginger Tablet


Add Salt


Sink in your feet and start enjoying the amazing benefits

powerful ionization made simple

By passing current through water containing an electrolyte like ordinary table salt, the powerful Optimum Detox Ionic Foot Spa generates flowing negatively charged electrons.

These flowing electrons enter our bloodstream through our feet virtually by osmosis and go to work in our entire bodies.

By matching the electrical frequencies of many harmful toxins, heavy metals, and common ailments through the pre-programmed sequence, Optimum machines provide a boost to our cells' energy factories - mitochondria - and we may be able to neutralize the negative effect on cells, DNA, and our bodies in general. 

Enhance Your Ionic Detox Experience with our FREE exclusive ginger set

Enhance Your Ionic Detox Experience with our FREE exclusive ginger set

Ginger has been used in Asian cultures for thousands of years for medicinal purposes due to its anti inflammatory, circulation-boosting, and digestion-aiding effects

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Aid in reducing inflammation

  • Help improve metabolism

  • Calm digestive discomfort

  • Aid in proper digestion

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  • Optimum Detox Activator

  • Optimum Detox Control Unit

  • FREE Exclusive Ginger Tablets (15pc)

  • FREE Detox Recipes eBook

  • Plastic Liners (15pc)

  • Optimum Detox Power Supply

  • Professional Foot Tub

  • Instructions Manual

  • Spoon

  • + FREE Detox Recipes eBook

  • + FREE Ginger Tablets (15pc)

  • Optimum Detox Activator

  • Optimum Detox Control Unit

  • Optimum Detox Power Supply

  • FREE Ginger Tablets (15pc)

  • FREE Detox Recipes eBook

  • Plastic Liners (15pc)

  • Professional Foot Tub

  • Instructions Manual

  • Spoon

  • + FREE Detox Recipes eBook

  • + FREE Ginger Tablets (15pc)

Why Optimum Detox™?

Are there other, cheaper products on the market?

Yes. However, it is not always a good option to go with the cheaper "brands" when it comes to health and wellness, right?

Do they have the same power as the Optimum Detox?

No way. Trust me – We have checked. Using targeted frequencies plus bundles of negative ions makes the Optimum Detox superior to any ionic foot detox machine in the market.

Not all machines are created the same...

This is why we have been the market leaders since 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect after a session?

Most people will feel relaxed, balanced, and focused. There is usually no pain. After a detox foot bath, clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water, making the process of detoxification easier and more comfortable.

Results are different for everyone, but most people get the best results within three months of use and then have a break before continuing the sessions.

The Optimum Detox Ionic Foot Bath is a very organic natural way to help your body to heal itself.

What are the benefits?

Based on all of the customer feedbacks we have received over the years, these are some of the most common benefits:

✔️ Stress Reduction

✔️ Pain Relief

✔️ Improved Sleep

✔️ Clearer Skin

✔️ Soaring Energy Levels

✔️ Positive Moods

✔️ Reduced Swelling and Inflammations

Why does the color change even without feet in the water?

People who don’t understand the Ionic Detox technology often surmise that it is not credible because the water changes color without feet in it. With so many brands spreading misinformation about color change, we think it is about time to set the record straight.

The main goal of the Optimum Detox is not to change colors in the water, but to relax, energize and stimulate the body's detoxification through its normal processes of urination, defecation, and perspiration. Therefore, strengthening the immune system, assisting with internal body cleanse, and improving overall health.

During the session, the water in the basin will always change to a brown/ orange color whether your feet are in the water or not. This is due to the electrolytic reaction involving the array, salt, water, minerals, and impurities in the water. But when feet are in the water, the colors are also affected by oils being released from the sebaceous glands, the dead skin cells, and the user’s own acidity/ alkalinity.

Some of the neutralized toxins will also exit the body back out through the pores of the feet due to osmosis. An unusual amount of a particular color may indicate that a person has accumulated toxins in certain areas or from certain conditions and that ionic detox is helping those areas.

Always remember that the presence of negative ions in the body mainly helps the body rid itself of toxins through its normal processes of urination, defecation and sweating. Only some toxins leave the body through the pores of the feet. Therefore, color changes in the water should not be the main focus. Instead, focus on how you feel. For additional proof regarding overall health improvements from ionic detox, free radical test kits may be utilized.

Is this a medical device, can it cure or treat my illness?

Every day we receive testimonials on the Optimum Detox Foot Spa positive impact on people’s lives.

BUT the Optimum Detox is not a medical device and it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. theoptimumdetox.com makes no medical claims and makes no statements of validation. Always consult with your professional Health Care provider before beginning any health care regiment.

This site and its services are for consumer educational use only. Nothing contained in this site is or should be considered, or used as a substitute for, medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The services provided on this site are here to educate consumers on health care and medical issues that may affect their daily lives. This site and its services do not constitute the practice of any medical, nursing or other professional health care advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Can anyone use the Optimum Detox?

Diabetics and people with heart or circulation problems must consult their health care practitioner before using this appliance.

Pregnant women should consult their health care practitioner before using this appliance.

If you suffer from any problems with your legs or feet such as varicose veins, please consult your health care practitioner before using this appliance.

Do not use this appliance if your feet are swollen or inflamed or if you have any skin irritations

Stop using this appliance immediately if you feel discomfort or if any pain or irritations occurs.

How often can I do my sessions?

Every footbath session gives you benefits but using the foot spa once or twice a week is where you are going to get the most results.

Results are different for everyone, but most people get the best results within three months of use and then have a break before continuing the sessions.


Additional product questions?

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by email (support@theoptimumdetox.com) or directly through our contact us page: CONTACT US.



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All orders are sanitized and safely shipped from our warehouses in California.

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How can I track my order?

Most orders are shipped in the next business day. You will be able to track your order directly from our website. 

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My tracking number isn't working, what should I do?

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