Optimum™ Ionic Foot Spa

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⭐ STRENGTHENED IMMUNE SYSTEM - Feeling good plays a big role in strengthening your immune system, mood, and overall quality of life! The better you feel, the stronger your immune system, and thus your body's defense systems will react better to intruders.

⭐ BETTER SLEEP QUALITY - Fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep. Wake up easier without feeling glued to the bed and gloomy. We spend 26 years of our lives sleeping and 7 years trying to sleep. Sleep is the biggest fighter against health problems and improves your overall quality of life.

⭐ ALLEVIATE JOINT PAIN - Relax the tissues that cause tension and joint pain. Perfect after a long day of work or to get things off your mind!

⭐ CLARIFYING & ENERGIZING - Relieve your overworked liver, kidney, and spleen of heavy metals and toxins that take a toll on your energy and mental clarity.

⭐ NATURAL & SIMPLE TO USE - A natural method of detoxifying and restoring balance to the body. It's easy to use and safe for everyone. It only takes 18 minutes to see and feel results. We recommend using this a few times a week for a month.

⭐ DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN - Parts are made of high-quality, easily-cleanable, and safe material that can withstand years of use. We send replacement parts for free.


The claims in our description are based on hundreds of customer reviews on our website and thousands of reviews across the internet. Our product is not meant to cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease. It is proven that the ionic foot bath alkalizes the blood, and alkalization itself brings feelings of wellbeing and other benefits thousands of customers have shared in their experience.

As mentioned by the Pacific College of Health and Science article.